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Welcome to our all-new SAFFA HUB!

HALLO! Welcome to our all-new SAFFA HUB, a community forum dedicated to providing South Africans a place to share content, discuss important topics, and connect/socialize with fellow SAFFA'S.

We only have a few rules that will make this enjoyable experience for everyone involved;


  1. No advertising without written consent/permission
  2. Be respectful, supportive and make this a place where all South Africans in the USA/Canada can come to connect.


  1. Build a Reputation Score of 100+ | ⭐ Reputable Member Badge
  2. Post 3 or More Discussion Posts | 💬 Conversation Starter Badge
  3. Answer 10 or More Questions | 🧠Smarty Pants Badge
  4. Post 3 Recipes | 🍔Saffa Foodie Badge
  5. Post 7 Recipes | 👨‍🍳Saffa Chef👩‍🍳
  6. Get 25+ Likes and/or Comments on a post | 👀 Cool Content Creator Badge
  7. Build a Reputation Score of 1000+ | 💰 Receive 50 SAFFA COINS   

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message one of our dedicated admins or moderators!

    Have Fun!
Shawn liked a year ago
Thank you for being a part of the hub! Introduce yourself here!

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